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White is a palette and the shirt is timeless.

Dedicated to daily elegance and superb cut

White and White designs to a set of ideals

Navigating between on-point fashion silhouettes and effortless style

Perfectionist standards and beautiful fabrics

A complete understanding of where practicality meets personality

A constant for every season and every wardrobe

Always in the infinite spectrum of white 

Introducing the fabulous white shirt

Welcome to White and White


Sarah Mower, Chief Critic

Even in today’s crowded fashion world, finding pieces which sync ideally with the way we’re all living is still a grown-up woman’s holy grail. White and White is a discovery for anyone who’s looking for a simple but perfectly-made white shirt – something which fits seamlessly into one’s own look on a daily basis whilst silently displaying its awareness of fashion proportions. As a brand with expert specialist credentials, White and White has trained all its knowledge on reaching a coolly flattering standard of fashion psychology, neatly expressed in one sophisticated product.   

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