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Every day Couture

‘Every day Couture’, taken from an article by Lisa Armstrong at the Telegraph.

I think this helps sum up brilliantly the timeless craftsmanship that can still apply without too many noughts.

The attention to the understated detail that I try to apply to the White and White range of products, that means the shirts can take 8-10 hours to make. Most would say commercial insanity and they are probably correct, but my aim is to make things to last more than one season and be worn over and over again and for many years. Investment pieces versus throw away and  discarded at the back of the wardrobe.

“You don’t buy a piece for one season only"- Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior.

The more people move towards season-less buying and style over fashion fads then hopefully patterns in peoples behaviour will slowly change. Curated and edited wardrobe choices as apposed to rack upon rack of 'stuff' that no one really needs. The buyers mentality also needs to change as retail steps into a new dawn.

A time to be brave and keep believing.

Anita x



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