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White and White, Attitude to Style.

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It won't have anything to do with age as I truly believe that style is ageless, timeless and that doesn't mean it's boring!

My personal style is determined by my mood and about what is happening in my life that day. It can be an experiment 'mix it up' sort of day, or stay within my known comfort zone. So either the tried and tested or somewhere in between. Then there is the ever changing weather to take into account and the usual four seasons in one day!

I love all tones of white and always have. It gives a simple canvas that works against different textures, silhouettes and fits in effortlessly with anything and now can underpin any season. It always looks fresh and relaxed worn head to toe, which is my equivalent of one piece dressing.It also allows you to add in your favourite colour without looking over worked.

For me, it is about feeling at ease with what I am wearing, trying not to overwork it and keeping it simple is my guiding rule.The fewer the number of pieces or items it takes to achieve a look works best for me. Fashion is always the guide that opens up the way to make things relevant. Whether this is a new trainer, the new silhouette of denim, the new style of a jacket or the length and fit of a shirt.

Fashion keeps things fresh and challenging, whilst Style guides the 'HOW' and the 'WHAT' regarding your choices. It also determines what you do or don't select and more importantly how you choose to put it together .

Pieces that work with your wardrobe versus those that disrupt, and yes this can be a beautiful new white shirt, a great knit or jersey piece (that's coming soon in our white and white collection).

So Fashion challenges and keeps things new, whilst style determines what works.

Yes this can take practice and experimenting to find your look and everyone makes mistakes along the way.

But the most important guidance to great Style ,that may help, is always keep it simple , beautiful and effortless.


Worth a try!


Speak next week,

Bye for now 



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