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The New Cashmere Edition, showcased at London Fashion Week.

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The London fashion week designer showrooms was a great experience. We received an amazing reception and had very complimentary feedback from a broad base internationally. It was very reassuring to know that your product is appreciated for its elegance and attention to detail. Beautiful was a word we heard a lot. So now it’s all in the follow up.
On another note of interest, the new buzz is ‘unitasking' when you focus on one thing at a time versus multitasking. Apply this to the new way of working In creating lines versus full ranges. Items that work with what you already have, compliment and renew. To me this doesn’t mean you can’t offer more than one type of product as at White and White we have added in cashmere knitwear for this season. Not multitude of styles just one (for now !). It was designed for women but seems to have attracted a lot of attention from the men who have seen it and who have asked to buy it. So it's now become unisex.
‘Uni task’ at the front of house we have a brand that is focusing on one product at a time, unitask perfection. Whilst behind the scenes is the usual constant multitasking to make it all come together.
In a life of constant change it is nice to look at the simplicity of A single colour choice and edited selection of styles that are in beautiful fabric and noble yarn.

That’s half the work done for you .



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