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Season decode and offload

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 white luxury linen shirt

'Elevated timeless essentials'
This statement comes out usually around the end of February before people can start talking about spring and hoping, that the storms and unpredictable weather will give way to daffodils and bluebells!
Every month should be about looking at your wardrobe and saying what do I truly need and want to wear. Not one or two months of the year. Why did I buy that seasons colour that is no longer being seen as relevant or shoulder/sleeve detail and style that was bought for the moment and now would look dated. Why put yourself through such trauma and expense. To be fair the majority don’t, and buy what they like when they see it, with no regard for its original influence. So yes wear what suits you, spend the time and energy finding out what your style is and who you are and be proud of owning that.
Buy wise, buy well and buy less. Buy timeless and seasonless and ageless. Buy items and pieces that work for longer than one season or moment. Have fun with new accessories and shoes and bags to ring the changes and also keep the cost down on anything viewed as experimental or for a specific moment. If that is how you feel.
Keep it simple .


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