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Calm waters in the fashion storm

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white and white luxury irish linen white shirt
In today’s fashion world of shows, colours, prints, textures, silhouette and pressure for the latest and greatest, there is a counterbalance and calm. There is the buy less wear more, recycle and reuse, buy better and wear more and many other statements and intents.
I started White and White as a balance against the constant need for change of the fashion world machines, new seasons requirement to churn out designs to feed the ‘retail cycle of change' that churns out design after design.
Don’t get me wrong there are beautiful collections and I totally admire and understand the skill, work and talent.
But I also Appreciate that most of it won’t ever get worn, let alone be affordable.
So against the norm, I am always looking for ways to edit my small range further. Looking at the details, the make and the finish both inside and out. Looking at end use versus just pushing a sale. Of course I can’t survive unless something sells but I haven’t done this to create a monster of constant change. Its more about attention to quality and consistently creating styles that stand the test of time and whilst not high street prices, White and White should definitely fit the buy better, wear more, pieces of affordable luxury that will take you through many seasons.
White and White is an Everyday affordable luxury collection of timeless pieces.
I hope you share in the joy of calm.


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