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Why did I start white and white?  I ask myself this every week, as it’s not easy, even for someone who’s been in the industry for around 40 Years. I have wanted to close the door on it many times, but my passion for product and my belief that it’s on the right track, keeps me coming back. 

I wanted an antidote to the constant need for season change of the relentless fashion machine and retailer demands and the always hungry reliance on what’s new! 

I have faced into, “you need a bigger range, more styles, you need to add more colours it needs to be autumn or summer” etc etc and so it goes on. I’ve been told that what I am doing won’t work, so “shut down and re think” by ‘retail experts‘, that just flips me between being more determined or think I must be balmy and question my gut instinct, knowledge and everything I believe and value.

However I have also been told by valued editorial experts, to keep going, as it will all come together. 

It’s like walking down a busy street and everyone seems to be going the other way but you know deep down you are going the way you need to go to get to your destination, if that makes sense?

The issue isn’t the small collection or the fact it is all in tones of white, it’s that for years and years there has been the Mantra re what season and newness .

White and White is like a fashion detox, a calm in the confusion. Little elements of peace and quiet in pure elegant linen and dreamy silk and hopefully soon back into the every day beauty of cashmere. 

I believe that less can be more, that you can buy better and buy less and wear more. White in all its amazing tones on any colour palette is always eternal. 

Barriers are very slowly coming down, but in 2017, it was still a brave new world. We have a long way to go and still far far away from becoming the norm. Meanwhile White and White will keep carving out its own small oasis of calm and walking against the crowd on that street and seeing what unfolds as it strives to exist . 

Keep positive and smile 

Anita x  


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